Location :- Harishchandragad, Ahemadnagar Maharashtra India

Camera: – Nikon D200
Lens: – Nikon 18~55 and Nikon 55~200

Harishchadragad is one of the scenic beauties in Maharashtra. The easiest way to reach here is via trekking.
There are many trek routes that lead to Harishchandargad, but the easiest of them lasts for about 2 hours from the base of the mountain and it starts from a village called Khireshwar. To reach Khireshwar from Mumbai take the Mumbai Nashik Highway and take a right turn at Ghoti Village travel through the village to reach Kotul. At Kotul take a right turn for Khireshwar.
Many locals are ready to take you up to Harishchandragad for a bargain prize of 150 Rs.
So if you are new to this place and are probably planning to trek in the night then I guess its a fair deal, because there are chances of getting lost if you dont know the way properly as the way is through a dense jungle.
The trek is quite demanding especially the first half an hour, which is a steady climb and once can easily loose his breath here. One piece of advice is carry lot of Glucon-D, chocolates or anything that can provide you instant energy. Once you have cleared this half an hour stretch rest of the trek is very comfortable.
If at all you reach to a point where you are not sure about which road to take then just look for arrow markings on the stones. They were a definite guideline for us when we went there to trek.
Once you reach to the top there are three options that lay in front of you when it comes to camping.
One is you can take your own tent, that solves all your problems. Second is there are caves and the last is there is a small shelter which is run by a local called Tukaram (I’ll upload his mobile no later ). He runs a small hotel ( don’t expect a lot on the menu) which is enough to fill your stomachs.There is a natural source of drinking water there and I may add that this water is indeed refreshing.
There is once place called Kokan Kada on Harishchandragad which you should not miss. It has a lovely sunset view and the view down from Kokan Kada is breathtaking. Once can witness a vertigo effect here and also there is so much of wind out here that actually this place is know as an anti gravity spot. Due to continuous wind erosion this “Kada” is eroded elliptically.A definite experience to take. Also there is an old shiv temple and a shivling which is immersed in water all through the year.
A place I would recommend for a adventurous gateway from mumbai.

Kindly Note :- The photographs on this blog are compressed for viewing purpose only.



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